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Graphic Design by Somtochukwu


Somtochukwu Alexander Ezeani, also known as Ace, is a Graphic Designer/Artist.

“I am also an aspiring Brand and Identity designer. I am currently a student of Fine and Applied Arts at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. I work as a freelancer when school is in session but during my vacation I work for creative agencies.”

Somto took an interest in graphic design in his early teenage years. Although, my creative journey started at a much earlier age when I discovered my drawing talent. This inspired my decision to study Fine Arts. Despite my drawing prowess, I was more interested in graphic design. I continued practicing as a freelancer even when I got admitted into the university. In 2017, I got an opportunity to work under top creative, Daniel Emeka. This job experience opened my eyes to my unlimited creativity. Since then I have continued to explore and develop myself daily. During the day, I do my course work and at night I practice and execute personal projects.”

He draws inspiration mostly from culture. “I think Graphic Arts is a viable tool for protecting our heritage and creating a positive impression on the world. I believe that Art is not only about Pottery, Painting, Sculpture and the likes.”



“A greater number of people especially the youths are attracted to Digital Arts. This is my major consideration when I design; hence most of my works reflect the culture and lifestyle of Nigerians and Africans. I am also greatly inspired by the works of Nigerian artists and graphic designers. Generally, I am inspired by great design.”


Proudly Yoruba

Reach him on

Instagram/Twitter: @somto_ace



Or call: 08083442769, 08153856461

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