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Graphic Art and Design by Jephthah


Jephthah Ifedayo Aletan, also known as Jeph, is a dentist, who does graphic art and design.


“I love expressing myself in graphics art using photo combination and manipulation. Sometimes, I
find myself illustrating or fiddling with a camera to capture still arts. I love creating visual identity for brands. I believe in minimalism and this definitely influences my approach to design and


“I believe an artist’s job is to remind people of their reality or to take them beyond what they see, hence, whatever I create must be able to arouse a feeling in whoever sees my art and that is how I approach it.”

mother nature

“I use photography, photo-manipulation and photo-combination to achieve this, I love metaphors and they are always somewhere lurking in whatever digital art I create.”

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On what inspires his art, he says, “I look everywhere for inspiration but most come from what I am
experiencing at a particular time. Sometimes it’s from people around me.”


Connect with him via

Instagram and Twitter: @jephaletan



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