Good Foundations are Key!


I asked the ‘wise ones’ who’d gone before me, for advice on ‘building a house’. They told me I had to dig downwards! They called it ‘laying a foundation!’

I didn’t like it though; I put in so much effort digging into the dirt and the filth, packing heaps of sand out of the ground.

I mean; shouldn’t I be building up-ward instead? I kept asking myself: “what’s the use?”
What I want is a mansion, not a well.

As time went by, I took a look at my neighbours and felt even sadder. I started this digging process a while ago, yet I saw others building houses way faster than me. They didn’t bother about digging downwards.

Looking to my right-hand-side, he was half-way done already, and her; oh I bet she’ll be done in the next two days! But not me, no, I’m stuck here digging downwards.

And just then, about the time when I’d dug deep into the ground, the ‘wise ones’ said to me again: ‘now you must start building up-ward.’

I was greatly infuriated and discouraged. I couldn’t understand why now I had to start building up-ward; using bricks and pouring all this dirt I’d dug out back into the ground. I wondered what this was meant to achieve, in my opinion it was a waste of time! Wonder when I’ll ever be done!

And then, finally I was done! My house finally complete, it wasn’t easy though, I spent more time digging that “so-called” foundation than I spent on the whole building itself.

But now I only own one house, most of my friends who didn’t spend all that time I wasted digging downwards now had at least 3 houses each; I felt sadder than ever.

How do I ever catch up? And their houses looked so beautiful! #tears#

Just then, I looked to the skies and noticed it getting dark and heavy. I knew it was going to be a heavy downpour of rain, so I ran inside my house for shelter.

Alas! This rainstorm has terrible, the wind rammed upon the walls of my house, and there was a flood too, for a moment I felt like all the forces in the universe had ganged up against the walls of my house!

But then, the rain stopped shortly after.

I finally walked out to the cool day breeze.

Oh my!

What’s this I see? Broken walls! Fallen buildings! Shattered roofing!

Why is my house the only one left standing?

I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes.

And just then It hit me; I realised the lesson I was supposed to have learnt all along, I saw the truth in taking great advice.

‘The wise’ had given me the keys to ‘building successes’ and I’d begrudgingly followed. Digging deep had saved me from the perils of having ‘shallow foundations’ and I didn’t realise I was on the right path until now.

I saw my neighbours tear-eyed and in grief over their destroyed buildings; the lot of them didn’t dig foundations like I did and had no strength in their buildings.


The right FOUNDATIONS will keep any building standing (the building can refer to a business, friendship, relationship, event, or endeavour in general). The man who seeks depth before aspiring for heights and elevations will always stand above the man who tries to cut corners or ‘get there quick’. Always seek wisdom from those who have gone ahead of you and achieved great success, wisdom is embedded in their tales.

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