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Babajide Kareem, also known as Sharroh, is a Games developer, who describes himself as an over ambitious fellow with interest in a whole lot of things.

“I started by making power inverters right after my BSc., worked as a field Engineer with a seismic company. I joined IBM microelectronics (which later became Global foundries) after my Masters as a characterization engineer for 4yrs before embarking on my latest journey as a lone games developer. As an independent Games developer, I do my programming, arts, modelling, animation and anything that comes with the business.”

On his art, he this to say, “I used to hate the main part of what I do now; programming. In fact, as an undergrad, my interest was solely board level electronics. I loved playing with my diodes and capacitors and shy away from anything programming.”

“After my masters, I got exposed to the “bigger world”. Life suddenly was beyond resistors and capacitors. To succeed in my new assignment, some knowhow of programming is required. Somehow, I got entrusted to own and manage a SAS based database previously managed by a retiring colleague. Like everything else in that industry, it needed to be quick. Leaning SAS in no time changed my perspective and somewhat positioned me to where I am today.”


“Progress wise, I would say that I am still a work in progress but the joy seeing your creations ‘alive’ can be quite rewarding. I am on the verge of completing my first major game and I am hoping for the best from the market.”

When asked about his inspiration, he says, “A friend of mine once told a joke that; “to write games you almost need to be silly” and he does not see that silliness in me. Since Nigeria has beaten the silliness out of most of us, my inspiration has to come from somewhere else and mine seem to be colours.”

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“Colours stimulate our senses. Manipulating them to bring about endless new worlds stimulates my imaginations. The possibilities are unending.”

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Twitter: @ccrcgame

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