futuristic art

Futuristic Art by The Creator


The_____creator, whose full name is Omololu Johnson, is into futuristic art

The Yaba College of Technology graduate says about his art, “my art is a kind of futuristic. I always try to see past the normal realm of a thing or an object. I enjoy creating art that is out of the ordinary and that is where I got my name, THE CREATOR, from.”

futuristic art                  futuristic art

He mentioned that his art started from that desire to go beyond the ordinary. And since he started, he has been privileged to work with some artists such as Bez, Delasi from Kenya, Wavythecreator among others.

He gets his inspiration from music and his environment.

Connect with him via

Instagram: @the_____creator

Email address: johnsonayodeji@gmail.com


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