Abstract Illustration by Frank


Frank Okosa, popularly called Sir Crayonz, draws funny abstract illustration. He also draws people in animated form. He has been into art and creativity right from his childhood.

His challenge was the fact that he never had anyone to believe in him early on in his career. This made him think that being an artist was not taken as a serious profession, right until he started putting his work up on social media and the calls started coming in for to commission him for jobs.

To youths like him, he says, “Always believe in yourself and what your heart and mind can do, don’t be scared to put yourself and your creativity out there for the world to see. Then, leave the rest to God.”

Enjoy more of his work below:

The inspiration behind this is to motivate people to keep fit.

This was inspired by the IPOB and the army incidence using a reference gotten from the internet.

A fully illustrated abstract.

This was designed using a reference to show the sad feeling of an infant who has experienced the harsh side of life, but still has hope for a better tomorrow.

A digital Art design to illustrate what angels might be feeling when looking down on the chaos in the world today.

The inspiration behind this was from the first motherless babies home I visited. I felt so heart-broken by what I saw, hence, the drawing. I drew this using white charcoal on black paper.

Frank Okosa can be reached @sir_crayonz on instagram, and via email at sircrayonz1@gmail.com.

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