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Freelance Storytelling by Grace


Grace Oluchi Okogwu, also known as Gracie Lou, is a Freelance Storyteller through Creative Non-fiction, Content, Copywriting, Poetry, and Fiction to help individuals and brands represent their motives boldly in a fast-paced era.

Her educational background in French Literature has ignited an earnest enthusiasm in Existentialism and exploring certain existential theories in her writings. Grace hopes to retell the narratives of Nigerian millennials through text, audio, visual media.

Speaking about how she started, she says, “As a teenager, I would begin writing short fiction out of fun. This craving was deeply influenced by the healthy reading habit my mother had cultivated in my siblings and me.”

“Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in French and German Languages in 2015, I would be introduced to Television Journalism and subsequently, digital media, where I would curate content across audio, visual and text. In recent times, I create written content as a journalist, content creator, and copywriter on freelance.”

“Right now, I am engaging myself in expanding and diversifying my writing interests.”

Millennial realities inspire Grace. “I am obsessed with representing Nigerian millennials as they are: strong, weak, powerful and enough.”

She also gave her opinion on youth empowerment. “For me, Nigerian art and culture exist beyond selective occasions. Our art interweaves with our culture in representing both ancient values and the modern realities of artworks that are not only static but mobile and wearable.”

“Nigerian art and culture can become a source of empowerment if proper care is taken in curating artworks by artists into powerful and meaningful movements stirred towards discouraging stereotyped, single-angled narratives.”

Connect with her via

Instagram: @graceokogwu

Twitter: @GracieAmnut



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