For the Talented Employee: How to know a Terrible Boss (Oga Tight Us)


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Back then in school, students skipped classes not because they hated the subject but because they disliked the teacher. So is the case with talented workers and their bosses or managers, to the extent people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses. But how do you know you have a terrible boss or an ‘oga titus’?

They don’t reward your good work

Sometimes all you want from a boss is not a range rover or anything of the sort but a pat at the back for a job well done. When you are working your butts off to meet deadlines and reach goals, yet your good work is not being rewarded, it is obvious you are working for an ‘oga tight us’

They are dishonest

Nothing gets to you like when your boss is dishonest and untruthful. When you catch your boss in a lie, they probably lack integrity and solid charater. There’s no excuse for bosses to be dishonest, if yours is then you’ve got yourself an ‘oga tight us’

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They shift the goal post in the middle of the game

Does your boss always ‘always’ change the terms of your engagement? Do they tell you they will pay you ‘B’ and at the end of the month they pay ‘A’ with no explanantion whatsover? Or they simply multiply your work hours, steal your work free day with no overtime or compensation given. These are the trappings of a terrible boss.

They owe you for months

There’s no telling you have a terrible boss when they refuse to pay your wages or salary for months. And when they eventually do, they pay half of one month or just enough to keep you on the job.

What are the other things terrible bosses do?

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