Fliptyce Empowered ‘Tola Alawiye With A Free Recording Deal


After a thorough screening process by the Spark empowerment partner — Fliptyce — ‘Tola Alawiye, aka Babyarbs, a 200L student of Ekiti State University, emerged the winner of the January 2015 Rookie contest. On the 25th of March, ‘Tola came down to Lagos to receive “The Spark” — an incentive to help her achieve her dreams — from Fliptyce, producer of P-Square’s “Chop My Money”. She received a free recording deal.

‘Tola, a multi-talented individual, acts, dances and has also created sound tracks for various Nigerian home videos. Her creativity has given her a personality that not only made her liked by the Vanguard Spark team, but also someone that the Spark empowerment partner, Fliptyce, was willing to work with.

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Fliptyce is attracted to young talent and found the rookie as someone with tons of talent. He immediately “fell in love” with her demo track and in a short time, drafted a beat that not only gave it the swag it deserved, but that also increased its appeal.

As a way to even give more to the Nigerian Youth, Fliptyce is working on an inspirational book that would launch soon. According to him, he believes that the youth can become anything they want to be in life. All that’s is required is that they believe in themselves.  The book shows glimpses of his personal experiences and tells the story of how he grew to become one of Nigeria’s top music producers.

As a word of encouragement to ‘Tola, Fliptyce advised her to put in her 10,000 hours of practice — a tip he got and has practiced from the book “Outliers” by Malcom Gladwell.

Like ‘Tola Alawiye, you can have your dreams come true and the opportunity to achieve something that’ll surpass your expectations. To kick-start your own success story, register for The Spark Rookie of the Month contest and be on your way to achieving greatness beyond your wildest expectations.

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