Fine Art by Oluwagbemisola


Oluwagbemisola Ipadeola, also known as IPad or Sweetart, is a fine artist based in Ibadan. “I work with several media but I especially enjoy palette knife painting.”


The artist, who holds a Bsc. in Sociology & Anthropology and Msc. In Criminology, also enjoys making dresses and fashion accessories.


Talking about her art, she has this to say, “Drawing images especially cartoon characters was my favourite if not only hobby growing up. I would draw when uninteresting lessons were going on in class (keeps me from dozing off). I had, however, continued doing just that even through my university days until I was introduced to Paddy’s Art Gallery at Dugbe Ibadan. This was another beginning for me as an artist. There, I realised that fine art can really be learned and not just a gift from God. All you need is interest, one strong enough to inspire patience in you. I learned how to shade and paint then I finally said goodbye to more cartoon drawings. Now I spend every day in my studio drawing and painting, practicing the use of different media, experiencing trials and error while looking forward to days when I can stand side by side with various outstanding artists, sharing our works with art lovers across the globe.”

Inspiration, for her, comes from various sources. “My mood especially, my state of mind has always determined what I create actually. What I see and hear around me also inspires my drawing.”


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Instagram: @i_sweetart

Twitter: @i_sweetart


WhatsApp: 07032599439



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