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Expressive Art by Babajide


Babajide Olatunji, also known as TJB is an expressive artist interested in the visual representation of African cultural practices/motifs and historical events, with a view to log/archive and suggest their relevance to contemporary society.

Art has been a constant part of his life since infancy. “My first influences were my brother’s line drawings and comic book characters in trading cards. I started art as a professional career in 2013 when I signed a three-year deal with TAFETA, UK limited. My first project was the documentation of tribal facial scarifications found in contemporary Nigeria. It was undertaken in response to my perception of widespread disinterest in the cultural aspects of the Nigerian history, especially since these histories are very much relevant today.”

The artist is inspired by the need to create expressive art that is of cultural, social and political relevance. “I’m inspired by the desire to assume the role of a visual historian using art to recreate historical events that predate photography and are passed down orally.”


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