El Chapo transferred to Prison close to U.S border

El Chapo transferred to Prison close to U.S border


Joaquin ‘El Chapo’  Guzman has been transferred to a prison close to the border with the United States by the Mexican Government. He was taken to a prison near Ciudad Juarez, across the border from El Paso in Texas, as part of a normal rotation of prisoners for security reasons, officials said.

The head of the Sinaloa drug cartel, Guzman was re-captured in January, six months after he escaped from prison.

Guzman is wanted in the US on charges of smuggling drugs into the country.

Mexican officials told Reuters news agency that Guzman’s transfer to Ciudad Juarez was not a precursor to extradition.

Mexico’s National Security Commission said it was in line with security protocols, and it had rotated more than 7,400 inmates as part of new security strategy.

The authorities said that Guzman was moved to a new prison “because of works taking place to reinforce security” in Altiplano – his old prison near Mexico City.

Analysts suggested the move was to prevent him escaping during the works.

Federal police officers stand guard near a prison in Ciudad Juarez where Mexican drug boss Joaquin Joaquin Guzman arrived just before dawn with military soldiers guarding the prison and the road leading to it.

Guzman, who was named Public Enemy Number One by the Chicago Crime Commission in 2013, has been indicted by at least seven US federal district courts.

Mexican officials say the process to extradite him to the US could take at least a year.

In March, Guzman asked to be extradited rapidly so he could receive better treatment in prison.

His lawyer said Guzman had asked him to stop fighting his extradition because guards at his prison would not let him sleep.

Guzman was captured in January and returned to the Altiplano maximum security jail near Mexico City after six months on the run.

He had escaped from Altiplano in July through a 1.5km-long (one mile) tunnel under the floor of his shower stall in his cell.

Source: bbcnewa

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