ECOWAS Outlines Measures To Get Eradicate Menace Of Street Children


The creation of a legal instrument spurred by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, has been recommended as one of the measures to eradicate the menace of street children in the ECOWAS region.


The creation of the legal instruments is one of the recommendations made at the end of a recent three-day meeting in Dakar, between ECOWAS and Experts.

The meeting emphasised the need for such a legally-binding instrument to further intensify the member states’ commitment to ending the distressing sight of young ones living on the streets.

Other recommendations from the workshop include the need for regional and national authorities to become endowed with the appropriate regulatory framework for child protection and punishment for begging.While ensuring an increased grasp of the phenomenon by conducting studies in identified sectors, especially in the area of delinquency and other forms of deviant and mendicant behaviour.

The Dakar workshop also recommended the forging of partnerships with private and civil-sector organisations through development programmes and by reinforcing cooperation frameworks.

The recommendation noted that it would be in a view to further clamping down on the movement of the child within the ECOWAS region.Participants also mapped out a regional approach to support member states in the eradication of the phenomenon within the ECOWAS region.

However, the meeting was attended by political, religious and traditional authorities as well as civil society organisations and financial and technical partners.

The meeting was organised by the ECOWAS Commission’s Early Warning Directorate.

It also served as the launch of the Regional Support Project for its member states for the eradication of the street children phenomenon.

Report says it is the first of a series of activities set out in the 2015 to 2017 biannual action plan to combat streetism. (PANA/NAN)

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