Drugged & Assaulted: A Recurring Vice!


It took a few minutes to get to the reality of what had happened; and indeed what was imminent. Gabby was certain she’d taken just one bottle of her favourite alcoholic drink, the same one she’d always taken conveniently and remain sober, but this time she felt like a bunch of fists were hitting against the inner sections of her skull.

With her vision blurring out, feet feeling like they weighed a tonne and the generally numbness in her joints, she watched her male companions giggling at each other halfway across the room and even then struggled to understand why.

What happened next is the kind of tale a good number of young women out there can relate to either by personal experience or a near miss; drug related sexual assault and rape has become a rampant social vice in our society today.

Gabby was drugged and raped by two male friends she had ‘hung out’ with on a weekend, and her story; just like many other female victims, was unforseen and unpredicted.

She’d gone to the rest room and left her drink right there are the mercy of her ‘friends’ whom she had become too familiar with to expect such treatment.

A few grams of an unknown hard drug was introduced into her drink, and the sad story was set in motion.

Studies have shown that 4 in 10 ‘all night’ parties which feature alcohol and hard drugs usually result in at least one case of ‘non consensual’ sex.

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A good number of victims to this misdemeanor find it hard to speak out due of fear, shame and embarassment, embittered by the sour experience that is rape.

You see, there’s never a guarantee about where we will be or what will happen to us per time, but there is the guarantee that if we always stay conscious of our environment, a lot of harm can be avoided. And this goes both ways, male and female.

You should never be too comfortable about the company you keep while attending parties, clubs or midnight hangouts. As a matter of fact, it should be your priority to never stay a minute longer in such an environment if the odds start seeming like it’s not in your favour.

Never try to be the ‘tough’ one accepting dares to drink above your rational limit or test hard substances you don’t know about. These actions have brought to many; regret, pain and yes, death.

Drug-related sexual assault is an unacceptable occurrence, and we must unite as one community to frown on this act. The next victim could be a dear friend, or sister, or YOU! (Yes, male victims exist too, in case you were wondering). And if, you can identify any culprits of drug-related rape, please do humanity a favour and report them to the appropriate authorities.

Preach Moderation! Preach Caution! Encourage Awareness!


A piece by Rukky Wordsmith.
Email: officialwordsmith@gmail.com
IG: @official_wordsmith

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