digital painting by Abayomi - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria

Digital Painting by Abayomi


Abayomi Idowu Oluwasegun is a Freelance Digital Painter / Graphic Designer. The graduate of Painting from the Obafemi Awolowo University loves illustrations, caricature, character design, concept arts, and graphic design.

digital painting by Idowu - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria


Speaking on how he started, he says, In a actual sense, my incessant craving for drawing when I was a child alongside the illustrations I saw in the Jehovah witness publications and some drawings I used to see my friends with back then in my elementary school combined to make me the artist I am today.”

“I started out as a traditional artist because I felt animation was for kids. But my perception changed when I met a friend, in my 3rd year in school, who opened my eyes to the creativity, joy, and satisfaction embedded in animations and how watching animations could help my creativity.”

“When I realized the process that went into animated movies, from concept art to final look of the movies, I got carried away, I started craving for illustration and before I realize I started creating characters in my local taste.”

“One of the reasons I really want to venture into animations is to sustain and revive the dying African culture. Many of the kids of this generation shy away from our culture and traditions. Some of them even enjoy foreign animations and comic books.”

“They can say a lot about Marvel’s Avengers, Disney princes and princesses but I find no joy in this. That’s why all of my works are African Iconographical in theme. And it has always been my goal to have a Nigeria-based animation studio that will make use of African made stories and characters for animated movies that kids, teens, and adults can watch and enjoy.”

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Abayomi draws inspiration from his experiences and the environment. “This is the reason why my artworks are relatable. You don’t have to rack your brain to have an idea what my message my art is trying to pass across.

digital painting by Idowu - the spark youth empowerment platforms in nigeria


“I draw further inspiration from my culture and I get inspiration from African folktales, myths and other forms of oral tradition as sources of my work.”

“I am also inspired by the work and effort of some of my senior colleagues, in likes of Ayooluwa Nihinlola in fact, he taught me many things in graphic design and character design. There are also others whose work impact my art one way or the other; Oseni Oluwaseun, Dudutoons studioz Paulinxx, Collyde Prime, Mohammed Agbadi, Kris Okonkwo amongst other awesome artists.”

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Phone Number: +2347065508552

Instagram and Twitter: @art_ofyomi

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