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Digital Illustration by Shutabug


Mayowa Damilola Alabi is also known as Shutabug.  He is a digital illustrator and designer with over three years of professional design experience in digital illustration.

“I have been part of various design and art projects for many exceptional companies over these years, notably, illustrations for Co-Creation Hub Nigeria, Cowry wise and a charity auction organised on Twitter for victims of Otodo Gbame with Just Empower based in Lagos, Nigeria. I also emerged as the winner of the European Union/United Nations Women Gender Equality Picture It Comic & Cartoon Competition in 2017.”

Speaking about his art, the digital illustrator says, “I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t something I think I was particularly interested in until my childhood best friend got me hooked. I honestly just got into illustrating digitally, prior to that I just doodle any and everywhere.”

“As far as progress goes, I think I’m doing pretty good. Moving from drawing on paper to illustrating digitally wasn’t exactly easy. I took almost a year off after my first digital illustration in 2016, because it took me so long to complete said illustration. I didn’t give up however. After my year long hiatus, I picked my drawing tab and forced myself to get it right. I’m happy with the results so far.”


Lagos, colours and other artists inspire his art.

“My illustrations are known to be really colourful and vibrant, but people find it hard to believe when I tell them I’m scared of colours. I dedicate my time to study how other digital illustrators play with colours; I watch and learn from other artists.”


“Lagos is my city and I guess all that’s good and bad about the city inspires me to want to recreate it and show the world just how I see it.”

“And there are guys I used to stalk and admire before I started illustrating proper; Duks art, Niyi Okeowo, Duro arts, Seyi Olusanya etc. They’ve consistently pushed out great work, and that motivates you to want to do your best as well, because they are in this same Lagos and still manage to do great work.”


Reach him on

Twitter, Behance and Dribbble: @shutabug


Although he is still working on his website, but it’s

Offline, “I’m not exactly a social butterfly so that’s a bit tricky, but I work for Co-Creation Hub presently and I help out with a design meet up called, Usable. Usable happens every last Thursday of the month.”


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