Digital Illustration by Axzper


Prosper Chibuike Azonwu, also known as Axzper, is a digital illustrator. “I spend most of my time drawing and practicing new skills. When I am not drawing, I’m either hanging out with friends, playing online games or seeing movies.

He had a lot to say when he was answering the question about how he started. “Having four elder brothers, three of which are die-hard art and game lovers, I grew up becoming a little bit of every one of my siblings and since Art was something at that period, they were all very good at. It was just a matter of getting a paper and pencil that I won’t get smacked at for touching.”

“I remember taking a drawing of Batman my brother drew to my school. I told all my friends I created it, but the level of details on it was too good for anyone to believe I could do that at that age. So I told them I did it at home where all the tools and comfort needed to produce such details were available. Of course they still didn’t believe me (kids, so hard to please).”

“I spent most of my time in the library unlike most of my friends. While at the library, you’ll find me tracing Disney characters from story books. Some of my friends caught the bug and started doing the same and that was when my Art started having forms that was appealing to everyone and not just to me.”


“Ever since then, I’ve been drawing almost every little chance I got. I even made a complete original comic book called Arbitrators (fast forward 6years later a similar concept came out in the series of Flash). Even though I never saw the comics of Flash before, I was angry knowing no one will ever believe I thought of it before now. Regardless, I felt a bit impressed knowing I could think of something that creative.”


“The one thing that gave me the confidence to take on Art as a course of study in the university was the encouragement I got from my older brother when he stumbled on a fan art I made for Ryu; one of our favourite characters from Street Fighters. He became my number 1 fan ever since then, showing me off to everyone and giving me moral support.”


“After graduating from the Creative Arts department of the University of Lagos, I’ve been working as an Art Director with Trace Naija; while managing my Art profession as a freelance artist working on projects in and outside the country as storyboard, character and concept Artist for works like the popular AREA animation, Gray Streets films and many others.”


“I am recently working on making animations for music videos and lyrics videos, but occasionally I take on portrait painting, and fan art commissions from followers on social media.”


Axzper is inspired by the love for things that looks pretty. “This might just be the reason why I illustrate more of the female face. But my main source of inspiration is from seeing the inspirational artwork of Artists I admire well, any artist at all because creativity is something that sparks in all of us as humans, begging for the smallest attention.”


“So when I see something creative, I stop to wonder why I did not think of that. This keeps me thinking and then the desire to create something overwhelms me, so I create. The inspirational work that feeds my creativity might come in any form, an art piece, movie, animation or music. For instance, the recent fan art I made of Falz for Democracy day, that was like the best example for getting inspired by art and music.”


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  1. Dondipsy

    Nice one bro, I knew from the onset that u were very good. Keep up the good work.

  2. iiyanu

    You will be surprised how creative he can be, even when conversing with him, and his works gets better by the day. Conceptual, inspirational, educative and above all, they communicate .

  3. Fm'jo

    Creativity at its best, my art skills came back to life when i met the this dope guy called axzper, checking his works and by chance, see him drawing and painting inspires a lot, arting with passion and when u see axzper doing his thing you can catch the fever and fall in love with art over and over again. Greater heights bro!

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