Digital Conceptual Art by Harry


Harry Dunkwu is a Digital Artist, who describes himself as someone born with a curious mind.

“Although I studied Electrical/Electronics Engineering at the University of Benin, I decided to become a Digital Artist. I founded a start-up studio (Scroll Entertainment) in Lagos, where I work daily providing digital art content solutions for clients who want to tell their stories. I also conduct digital art & 2D animation trainings between.”

Speaking about his art, he says, “Art, for me, is a portal to a world of unlimited possibilities for storytelling. I started out with creating comics and my company (then Scroll Comics) was shortlisted in 2014 as one of the top 50 Businesses in Nigeria by Etisalat. I finished the competition without winning the main prize money, but by taking part in the competition, I Iearnt the shortfalls of being in the comic business in Nigeria. I went back to the drawing board and discovered the need for Animation in Nigeria, which I now specialize in.”

War Dancers

Wedding Party

Harry’s life (past, present & future) inspires his art. “I have found that an audience or group of followers get lost easily when they have little or no connection to the story in my art, hence I have become more inclined to creating local inspired concept art lately.”

Queen Amina

Nigerian Girl

Connect with him via

Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @harrydunkwu,

Email: harrydunkwu@gmail.com/

Offline: He works at Scroll Entertainmment Studio (Eagle Plaza, 6 Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos).

Diamond Illo

Diamond Ada Expression

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