Digital Art and Design by George


George Osaji, also known as OC George, is a Digital Artist, Writer, Designer, and Naive Copywriter. “I am also the founder of THE NEST, which is a gathering of innovative, and creative people.

The final year Art student of UNILAG says he makes mostly digital art and design. “Surrealism is my forte, our Galaxy is a very minute part of the Observable Universe, so I often use Art to guess-explore the Galaxy. I also make Art to address Social issues I’m passionate about, for example, my most recent brief series ‘CULTURE | ABSURDITY’ spoke about the concept of Culture in Nigeria.

“I won’t want to say ‘I started making Art in the womb’, but I started very young, with drawing, and I’ve been drawing since then. I’ve moved to making Art primarily digitally for almost two years now, and it has been about growth, explorations, and picking myself apart.”


Observations, Conversations, and Meditation inspire his art. “I’m an introvert in a way. This gives me the opportunity to observe human affairs; why do we do what we do, for instance, who invented the concept of hugs, and why?. I have a lot of intelligent friends and we often have strange conversations. Music also inspires my Art, I’M A BIG LOVER OF BEAUTIFUL SOUND, I spend a lot of my time on Soundcloud and Youtube, we exist in a very good time now, there are so much beautiful creations out there, and we have such easy access to them. The Internet inspires my art and design.


Connect with George

Online through Instagram @oc_george, Email:

Offline through smoke signals, just kidding, you can just call +2347019765952



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