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Why Dating Your Best Friend Is Awesome


It is possible that your best friend is your ideal partner or that “special one” you’ve been searching for, but most people are either oblivious to this fact or push away the idea of dating their best friend.  If and when you finally open your eyes to realize the truth, you should know that dating your best friend can be pretty amazing. Here’s why:


You already share a bond

Since you both are best friends, you already know each other inside out. You know what they like and dislike, all their embarrassing stories, deep dark truths, there is no secret between you two. You’ll enjoy each other’s company and can confide in each other no matter what.


You don’t have to try too hard

You can completely be yourself and be comfortable with each other. There is no need to go out of your way to impress. There is also no pressure to dress up when you’re not in a mood to.


No worries about boredom

When dating your best friend you don’t have to worry about your relationship getting boring. You both can laugh over the same old jokes, and talk about the same old things without it getting old or boring.



Meeting the parents is not an issue

As best friends, chances are you both are already familiar with each others families. You won’t need to worry about getting along with their family because your families already know about your closeness and probably predicted the relationship long before you even started dating each other.


A strong connection already exists

You’ll both be so used to each other that you can read each other’s minds and know what emotion the other person is feeling even with just a look. There will be no effort needed in expressing yourself, and you may even complete each other’s sentences sometimes.


Some people fall in love with their best friends while some fall in love with complete strangers; whichever path you find yourself on, make sure you choose the right person who knows you, understands you, loves you and accepts you for who you are.

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