Creative Process Of The EVER Logo By Shobola Ibukunoluwa


The logo designed for EVER Entertainment is a pretty simple design.

The main logo is an infinity symbol created with a double ‘E’.

Why infinity? Simple, its continuous and validates the word ‘EVER’ (as in, eternity, forever, etc.). It also easily accommodates the two “Es”.

The EVER text uses a font style that’s thin and easily drives home the message in the symbol, therefore creating simplicity altogether.

Think simplicity, ocean, sky that explains the choice of logo colour – BLUE.

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This is the initial design I worked out. The design is thinner, but even as simple as I wanted it to look, it still had to make a bold statement, so I settled for a bolder option. 

See final design below.


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Shobola Ibukunoluwa is a Graphic Artist/Designer and Creative Lead at Showballer Visuals, with the talent to bring ideas to life. Talk about branding, book design, product design, with web and photography in the works.

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