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Creative Art by Anjola


Anjola Omitowoju, also known as AJ, enjoys drawing, manually and digitally.


When asked about how he started, he says, “I grew up with a family that was really into movies and fiction and my mother was an artist, so my siblings and I grew up drawing superheroes and got to love Marvel Cinematic Universe studio.

“As a child I would always draw only superheroes and it got so bad I couldn’t draw other types of things like horizons. But as I got older, I saw that there was beauty in diversity so I started drawing portraits of people and stars and now graphics art.”

Anjola is inspired by Africa’s beauty and other times, superheroes.

Reach him on

Instagram: @anjolaomit

Whatsapp: 08159536317



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  1. Olufunke Olunloyo

    Angola (Aj) is heading to the top and will stay there, through great opportunities provided such as this one by sparkng. Blessings upon all. The future of our country remains BRIGHT(despite all) GO!

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