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The 53VN, whose real name is Badejo Oluwaseun is into creative art.

creative art

Describing himself and art, he says, “I am a creative by nature, I have always had a thirst to create things, find solutions and make life easier for others. From an early age, I started drawing diagrams for inventions I wanted to create. I could work on and fix household appliances and even create some from scratch at about age 15; I wanted to use my talents to help the world. Even when my initial plan of being an engineer did not work out, I reinvented myself as a designer and visual artist with the aim of delivering, never-before-seen visuals to people, unimaginable and almost unspeakable things, using my power of vivid imagination. I create images that bring people to a certain emotional state, of being calm or being sad and show the essence of what I am trying to communicate.”

“About my art, I started drawing and sculpting earlier on in life and most of what I created and drew were just basic objects. This made it possible for me to observe how light works and how shapes are influenced by light. In 2015, I started learning how to use various computer soft-wares to create images; at that point, I had stopped drawing and it took me a couple of months to find my feet. Afterwards, I just continued to grow.”


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Creative art


His art is inspired by emotions; his as well as others. “I love when people interpret my art and find out what it means for them. I have discovered that it gives them a sense of accomplishment and allows me to hone my visual communication skills. I am also inspired by colours; it is the most efficient way to communicate emotions using visual design. It is almost like telepathy, it is just wonderful.”








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