Contemporary Art by Kpuri


Ubiomo Chinedu Ogheneroh, also known as Kpuri, is a Contemporary Artist.

The graduate of Fine and Applied Arts from the University of Nigeria Nsukka is a professional digital painter, an abstract creative and a writer. He also does experimental photography as a hobby.

When asked to describe his art, he says, “The style of my art is called Kpuri. It’s an art style that captures the essence of an African woman. My works are mostly depicted in stylized forms and are rendered digitally.”

“My art path started in my secondary school days. I always enjoyed art class. I was good in drawings, so my teacher back then encouraged me to join the art class. I think it all started from the visit to the studio that afternoon. To be an artist is a huge privilege to me today. I have had the opportunity to exhibit my works in so many places and it’s a huge encouragement to me to keep pushing forward.”


Black Damsel

God is his first source of inspiration. “I also get inspired from my surroundings, colours and abstract images. I have a huge passion for stylized forms and patterns, the way they harmonise; blend with each other to form a piece is always amazing.”

Home is a Person


Reach him on

Instagram: @lord_kpuri

Facebook: Ubiomo Ogheneroh


My number: 09077576538



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