Olamide Orefeko Set To Hit The Fashion Industry With A Bang!


After winning the August Rookie contest to become the Rookie of the Month, Olamide Orefeko, a marketing student at Babcock University and CEO of Lami’s Clothier, a fashion outfit, received “The Spark”- an incentive to kickstart her business success- from The Spark: Sage, Honourable Ben Akabueze, the Lagos State Commissioner for Economic Planning and Budget. Precisely on the 26th of September, 2014, Olamide was empowered with a 100,000 naira cash grant and a personal counselling session with the Commissioner. This is definitely her first step to making a statement in the fashion industry.

With the Ignite, Connect and Achieve vision of the The Spark platform, Olamide is set to take advantage of its opportunities to grow a business beyond her wildest dreams. As a youth inspired by excellence and with a deep love for seeing things beautiful, she is on a mission to create a fashion trend that not only makes females look good but also feel good.

As the latest big thing in town, Olamide was assured by the Commissioner of free access to him and also that he was available to counsel and direct her. Honourable Ben Akabueze also asked for her business plan and gave his word to always stand in support with Vanguard Spark to ensure that she becomes and remains a success.

With all this overwhelming joy and blessings, Olamide was extremely excited, but at the same time became speechless. It was a really funny sight as the Commissioner teased and urged her to talk.

Like every other young upcoming Nigerian entrepreneur, Olamide has had her fair share of setbacks and depressing moments within the past two years of starting her business.

In order to make work easier, neater and faster, Olamide has been working tirelessly to get an industrial sewing machine in order to take advantage of the festive season around the corner. But one setback was no funds. However, with this cash grant of 100,000 naira, she screamed and said, “Wow, I’m so going to get my very own industrial machine right away”.

She is more than determined break forth and create a lifestyle for herself, using the resources she comes in contact with. In fact, she’s already on her way to fame, recognition and success as she’s already being positioned by her schools’ Vice Chancellor, Prof. James Makinde,to give entrepreneurial and motivational talks to encourage her fellow students. Asides from this, many more opportunities are already opening for her.

As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” This young entrepreneur is definitely one tough Nigerian babe.

“There’s no second opportunity to make a first impression”– wise words from The Spark: Sage (Honourable Ben Akabueze)

The commissioner shared his success story with Olamide, hinging it all on integrity. After meeting Tinubu in 1989, he was called to serve in the Lagos state Government cabinet. But this wouldn’t have happened if the Commissioner had left a bad impression.

Olamide strongly believes in herself and in the fact that she’s going to be successful, creating a standard for Nigerian fashion. So, if you’re a young entrepreneur looking for how to break forth, take a cue from Olamide, because she’ll stop at nothing on the road to achieving her dreams. This is a unique opportunity you don’t want to pass you by.

Like Olamide, you can have your dreams come true and the opportunity to achieve something that’ll leave you speechless. To kick-start your own success story, register for The Spark Rookie of the Month contest and be on your way to building a business beyond your wildest expectations.

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