Clashes between Police and Protesters in Hamburg amid G20 meetings


Clashes in the city of Hamburg, Germany have been escalating further, and reports say more than seventy police officers have been injured from confrontation with protesters.

The clashes begun when over 12,000 people with most of them wearing masks where confronted by police during their march, with the crowd chanting “Welcome to hell”

The protests come at a time when world leaders are to converge in Germany for a G20 meeting, where topics such as climate change will be discussed.

Police fired water cannon and pepper spray at masked protesters, who hurled bottles, stones and flares.

US President Donald Trump will meet with other leaders such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and it is expected that ties will be aimed for and possibly strengthened.

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He urged Russia to join the “fight against common enemies and in defence of civilisation itself”.

Organisers of the march had cancelled it after the first violent clashes but protesters had stayed on and spreader the violence to other cities. Properties were being destroyed along with other life threatening acts portrayed towards policemen.

Before the march, police had warned of possible violence and said they had confiscated a number of homemade weapons.

Around 20,000 police have been deployed in Hamburg for the summit, and up to 100,000 protesters are expected in Hamburg during the weekend.

Source: BBC

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