Check Out The Most Frightening Bridge in the World



In Japan is located the most frightening bridge in the world: judging by the pictures, it seems that those who have designed wanted to defy the force of gravity. We speak of the Ejima bridge, which combines the city of Sakaiminato and Matsue in Japan, the two cities are located on opposite sides of Lake Nakaumi.

A bridge rather than a work road, seems part of an roller coaster in a theme park . The steepness is not only due to an optical effect, but it is real, as you can guess from the photographs that portray this. (next photo is really scary)


In details, the bridge have the maximum height of 44 meters. Its particular shape, of course, is not a random result , but is due to the fact that there is provided in the passage of ships.

What is certain is that the images are almost scary, especially when the bridge is raised to pass along the boats: in that case, it is good to remember to stop his car with the handbrake, or the risk of a real disaster become very concrete.


The reasons why the Ejima bridge is famous in Japan and throughout Asia, however, are many.

For example, it is the longest bridge in the whole country (coming to a kilometer and 400 meters) between all the bridges to the rigid structure. A record-breaking building or almost all: over the world there are only two other bridges of this type which have a greater length.

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