Photography by Ceediq


His full name is Abubakar Ceediq Opeyemi Mohammed, but everyone calls him Ceediq Mohd. He is a film maker; originally a cinematographer. Photography comes with the job.

You can say he is a born film critic. From a very young age, he developed the attitude of always critiquing movies whenever he watcthed movies with his family members, suggesting what could have been done better. This got to a point him mum banned him from watching movies with the family, “She told me that until I can make a better movie than the ones they were watching, I shouldn’t leave my room to watch movies with them.”

Initially, the ban was painful, but this led him to develop the act of day-dreaming. He started thinking of an entire sequence of a movie in his mind. He will then share these stories with his friends in school, “They will say ‘we know it’s a lie but continue, we are enjoying it'”, he says.

He later got a job with a media and marketing company where he worked for several years. This was where his creativity was developed. “Photography,” he says, “pays me constantly to fuel my film-making career.” He works with various models who help him use these pictures to pass across his message.

A major challenge for him is financial backup for his projects. A lot of people tend to promise to help but then fail to fulfil their promises.

@ceediq.mohd draws his inspiration from his mum.

The pictures below are few of what he has done so far.

This is inspired by the belief that every human has an animal spirit which has deep and helpful meaning to guide one. If Ram is your spirit animal, perhaps it is time to lower your head and charge straight towards the goals you have been too afraid to go for. Peace is always the answer, but sometimes we need support to get through thick barriers in life. And sometimes, we have to plow through those obstacles head on! Ram energy can help.


This is inspired by the pretty young and hardworking model in the picture. She is a shoe maker, bead maker and hair stylist. After the Mayweather-McGregor boxing bout in August, 26, 2017, when Mayweather apparently walked away with $180million, she said, “Omo, na anything man go do to get money, as long say na my sweat and handwork, even if that boxing sure sef I no mind, whatever it takes man.”. Hence the birth of this picture. The title ‘KOFO-SHI’ stems from her name – Kofo Salam, and her thirst for success.

To see more of Ceediq Mohd’s inspiring pictures, head to @ceediq.mohd on instagram.

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