Broke & Single, ….. A discourse by Janelle Isaac


Now, I know what you’ve been told: No money, No honey. Everywhere you turn, it seems as though the guy with the dough has all the girls and that can be frustrating.

You might even begin to feed yourself the delusion that you’re single because you’re broke.

Lol, nope. Don’t do that. Tell yourself the truth. Or rather, let me tell you the truth- You Are Single, But It Has Nothing To Do With You Being Broke.

Here’s why:

1. You’re not the first broke guy who’s single. That’s right. I know you know this. There are tons of guys who aren’t there financially that have babes; loving and caring babes. Look around you; look outside yourself. Why is your case different? Think, man.

2. You’re the one with the problem. You perhaps have a hyper masculinity thing- “I’m the man, I should provide”, and perhaps an ego that is scraping the heavens; because of your inferiority complex; you’re finding it hard to adjust, seeing as you can’t provide for your girl. So what do you do?

You take it out on her, you give her attitude, you accuse her of cheating on you with someone richer, you continually give her reasons to want to leave and eventually, she does. Congrats.

3. Money is really all you have to give, anyway.
“All women want is money” You say? I’m hearing “All I can provide is money”
You’ll be broke someday and then what happens? What else can you give? Did you really pause to think? Now, there’s where the problem lies, young man.

What happened to a listening ear, inexpensive dates, sense of humor, making your woman feel special all day, everyday? Do not dismiss these things as unimportant.

The little things, yeah, they’re not so little. Any fool can give a woman money and keep her happy for a minute, but you, you sir should leave an imprint on her heart for a lifetime.

4. You’re lazy. Yes, you heard me right. LAZY. No ambition, no potential, nothing, zilch, nada.
You can’t drive yourself, but you’re looking for who will push and motivate you. Nobody wants to be with someone who isn’t going anywhere in life.

You need to get off your lazy behind and get to work. Do something with yourself, anything legal that is. Let her see you want to win just as bad as she wants you to win. She can’t be dragging your uninspired self around forever. Put in the work.

5. Put yourself out there. “Broke” is not your identity. It’s not a stamp or tattoo. It will pass in due time. Go out there, make friends, find the one, be honest with her. Your woman is out there and she will love you for everything that you are. Trust.

6. Yes, you are broke and things are hard for you, but please do not make things harder for your girlfriend. When she gets that job, celebrate with her. Encourage her to be better.

Do not be the devil in her life who wants her to be miserable alongside you. She might be more successful and that might be tough on you. But you’re working hard, you’re doing your best, you’re giving it your all and you have the best woman by your side, you’ll be fine.


Janelle Isaac is a writer who loves to create a web of options and pathways in whatever she writes, she’s never the type to back down from controversial and mind-bugging issues and believes that all available channels must be explored before a case is termed or declared dead.

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