Bolt Completes A Double Over Gatlin with 200Metres Win



Sprint star, Usain Bolt saw off rival Justin Gatlin for the second time at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing Thursday to add 200 meter gold to his 100m title.

Bolt first overcame the doubters with his 100m victory on Sunday when he crossed the finish line in 19.55 seconds with Gatlin, previously the fastest man in the world this year over 200m, having to settle for another silver medal after clocking 19.74s.

“It’s great, a fourth [world title] win over 200m and it means a lot to me,” Bolt told BBC Sport. “I’m happy to be a 10-time World Championships gold medalist, especially when people have been saying I would lose.

“For me I knew I had the utmost confidence. As long as my coach is confident, I’m super confident. There was never a doubt that I would win this one. I’m number one.”

Gatlin had been attempting to claim a first World Championship gold since winning both the 100m and 200m finals in Helsinki 10 years ago, but the American was left chasing Bolt’s shadow as the Jamaican racked up his 10th world title.

Bolt and Gatlin were neck and neck going into the final 100m, only for the Jamaican to soon pull away and cross the finish line in style — in the pair’s first meeting in the 200m since the 2005 World Championships final.

Upon embarking on his momentous victory lap, things did for a moment come to a crashing halt for Bolt, with the 29-year-old soon finding himself being taken out by a photographer on a segway.

That failed to stop the Jamaican, however, from getting back up to his feet with a smile on his face and continuing his lap of honor around the Bird’s Nest track.

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