Graphite & Charcoal Art by Asim


He is called Asimeta in the art world. His speciality is drawing with graphite, charcoal, coloured pencils and a little bit of digital art.

Asimeta has been drawing all his life but decided to take it more seriously in 2007, “when I stumbled across the works of some amazing artists online like Armin Mersmann, John Duey and Mike Sibley. I felt I could do more with my art so I decided to study them and their techniques and keep honing my skills and I’ve been doing that since.” He goes on to say that it has been an amazing experience watching himself grow and seeing his style change over the years. Whenever he looks back to where he started to where he started from and where he is headed, he feels encouraged to keep on going.

“Its not been a rosy journey,” Asim Eta continues, “especially with my other profession; medicine.” The challenge has been time management as he has to share his time between his full time profession as a medical doctor, and his hobby/part time profession as as an artist. “It’s a daily struggle, but that’s what life is all about,” he concludes.

Like the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, the artist is greatly inspired by people; their expressions, their stories. He tries to capture all these in his work.

Check out some of his work below:

Graphite and Charcoal pencils on grey card.


One of a series in his #streetkid collection, it focuses on the kids banished from their homes in regions with conflicts – the violence in the North Eastern part of Nigeria.


Another one in the #Streetkid collection


Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu; “Studying his lifetime achievements over the course of doing this drawing drove me to start and complete this piece.”

Check out more of his work @asimeta on Instagram.

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