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Artiste Spotlight: DNA Twins


 – By Akpobome Otobrise

The music industry is arguably the largest on the continent with most of the best musical talents across the continent coming out from the country, talking about the likes of Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, Davido, D’banj, Don Jazzy, Olamide and so much more. However whilst we celebrate the already established musicians, we also would like to shine the light on the talented and hardworking upcoming musicians who are fast growing to become the next musical Gold in the continent. It is in this light that we met up with the DNA Twins whom we highly consider to be arguably the best young musical sensations in the country. They sing, they dance, they act, and we believe this exclusive interview will help you understand the intricacies of being a young, upcoming talent in the entertainment industry.

1. What are your full names?

Blair Roberts and Clinton Roberts

2. Do you have an alias (that is, an a.k.a.)? If yes what is it?


3. In one sentence, tell us about your music.

DNA signifies the musical connection between us. Our music is basically happy music, chilled music and sometimes conscious music.

4. How did you guys get started in music?

We have been singing for a long timenow. We started out in high school singing in the church choir and then we went for the GLO X-Factor reality TV show which brought us to the limelight and praise be to God, now we’re here.

5. We all face challenges. What challenges have you guys faced so far as music artists?

One of the challenges we have experienced so far is the fact that there are a lot of artists in the world and in the country, so trying to make sure that we differentiate our sound and music from every other artiste is a challenge. However it’s a good challenge because it makes us want to work harder to understand our craft better.

Then another challenge is the fact that people have a whole lot of expectations from us and sometimes even ten times more than what we have within ourselves but in the end it helps make us work harder to want to meet up to these expectations. We can’t always meet those expectations, so in the end we just go at the pace we know best and just leave the rest to God.

6. Who/What/Where do you guys draw your inspiration from?

We draw a lot of inspiration, first from ourselves because we have a lot of drive. However sometimes when one of us is slacking behind, the other tries to lift the spirit and ensure that the drive is there.

Musically, we have lots of artists that we listen to and a lot of people that we study. In Nigeria we draw inspiration from our boss “Don Jazzy”, because he is a very intelligent, spiritual and calculated person and he has taught us a lot during our journey so far. We also learn a lot from production and making music.

Then mostly we draw inspiration from God, the vibes around us and the people around us as well in a positive way because we are very allergic to negative vibes and negative people. At the end of the day positivity drives us.

7. Tell us about one of the projects you guys worked on or activities you engaged in that really made you guys believe in yourselves…no matter how small.

We would say the GLO X-Factor back in 2013. The plan wasn’t actually to go for it but we just decided to take the risk and when we did, we saw the love and support we got from it. We actually knew before then that we wanted to do music but that just stamped it for us. Another one would be way back in high school when we represented our school in music amongst numerous schools from around the country and then we went on to win the competition even though students from other schools were pretty good. These two incidents were key moments for us that made us confirm that we actually needed to do music full time.

8. What opportunities are you guys looking for or open to taking advantage of?

Business opportunities, music business opportunities like huge endorsement deals, good musical collaborations, massive shows. Talking about collaborations, we just dropped a song with Mayorkun. The visual for the song is out and we think you would love it if you already haven’t seen or listened to it yet. So go check it out.

9. What do you guys think about youth empowerment? How can the Nigerian youth be empowered?

This is a wide topic though but empowerment is basically from the mind, so the youth need to be empowered to have a very positive mind-set towards working hard and to go for whatever they want, because in the end you can have great thoughts but if you don’t make a move towards them, then they just remain thoughts.

Some Nigerian youths just always want to blame the government for “this and that” but truth is, it all starts with us. What change do you want to see in your life? What move do you feel you can make to change your situation? Instead of just sitting down waiting for the government to do what you’re supposed to do for yourself, why not try to help yourself first because opportunities mostly come to those that are prepared for it.

However, there are a whole lot that the government can do to empower youths, like in music, lots of money is being made and lots of youths can be empowered through entertainment. For example, when producing a song, the producer is most likely going to be a youth, when shooting the video, almost everyone on set are young people that are hungry for success as there are young people in every sector of music from set designers to the make-up artists and more. So the government can actually invest into entertainment and take it a little bit more serious than they currently are because it is actually one of Nigeria’s goldmines. We don’t know if they have noticed it yet but the entertainment industry is actually very big and few years from now, people are going to see how massive the Nigerian music and entertainment industry is going to become. Maybe at that time the Government might start taking it seriously but we think they should start from now because at the end of the day when they start taking it seriously, every youth is going to benefit from it.

10. How can readers connect with you guys online and/or offline?

You can hit us up on our social media platforms:

Instagram/Twitter: itz_dna

Facebook: DNA Twins @DNAOFFICIAL

You can reach us personally through our management contact on our social media pages.


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