Art and Illustration by Artnerdx


Bolaji Olaloye, also known as Beejay art-nerd, does freelance art and illustration.

“I have a B.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka but I’m a self-taught digital artist because digital art was not in the school’s curriculum at the time. Drawing is pretty much my life and when I’m not doing that, you can catch me playing video games.”

Talking about how he started, he says, “Well, I have always loved drawing since I was a kid. I started out drawing my favourite cartoon characters and pretty much anything I find interesting. I also got the chance to study Fine and Applied Art in the university. Where I got the basic knowledge and fundamental of art then backed it up with a great deal of self practice. I have worked professionally for both Nigerian and foreign clients but more of the latter. I am constantly learning and practicing, currently doing a drawing/painting marathon for the 365days of this year.”

Animated movies, video games, comic books, pop culture and all things retro inspire him.


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Facebook : Bolaji olaloye

Instagram : @artnerdx

Twitter : @artnerdx

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One thought on “Art and Illustration by Artnerdx

  1. Adenike Lawrence

    Bolaji, you are a very good artist. I really love your works, particularly,
    the drawing of the Panther. Quite commendable works you have there.
    More glow and swift to your brushes.

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