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Ikechukwu Somto Emerenini, also known as IK, loves to draw, read, listen to music, strong believer in God and believes you can be anything you want to be irrespective of what anyone says.

His first love has however always been art. “I’ve always had love for art even as a little kid though I wasn’t very good at it at that time, and it didn’t help that almost all my siblings were more talented than I was. But I just started anyway; I started by referencing things I liked, cartoons and shows I loved as a kid. I had drawing books which always got stolen at school (really annoying but what could I do).

“Everything changed when I got to high school and met someone who changed my entire perspective of what art really is (because it’s continuous you know) and though I hated him at that time(because he was better than me and I was jealous lol), he became and forever will be one of the closest people in my life. I took visual art classes in my ss1 and 2 and though I learnt a bit, most of what I know is through self learning and practice and over time I just got better. I also like to challenge myself no matter how daunting that is because that is how I improve. I’m not still as good I’d want to be yet but to be honest I know I’ve come a long way from when I used to draw from text books.”


He had quite a bit to say when talking about what gives him inspiration. “My number 1 inspiration is music. I just can’t explain it but the way it just takes you somewhere else, music is something really. Most of the time, I always listen to music as I create. I also get inspiration from books I read, movies and I follow a lot of artistic and photography pages on my socials so there too. To be honest, just about anything and everything. It depends on what I’m feeling at that time and what it means to me because a lot my art actually mirrors what I feel.


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Instagram: @derek_emr

Twitter: @derek_emr

Facebook: Ikechukwu Emerenini(i barely use this though)



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