Ariana Grande: I'm Over Big Sean… I'm Not His Property


Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande just came out swinging … saying she’s sick and tired of being referred to as “Big Sean’s ex” — because, “I do not. Belong. To anyone. But myself.”

The singer just went off on social media — saying she HATES the label because, “I am tired of living in a world where women are mostly referred to as a man’s past, present or future PROPERTY/POSSESION.”

Grande then blasts society … saying for the past 8 years she’s been made to feel like she needed to have a man by her side or else she would be considered a loser.

“After being on my own now for a few months I am realizing that that’s just not the case … I have never felt more present, grounded and satisfied. I’ve ever laughed harder or had more fun or enjoyed my life more.”

Grande also attacks society’s sexual double standard — saying:

“If a women has a lot of sex (or any sex for that matter)….she’s a “slut”.
If a man has sex….HE’S. A. STUD. a BOSSSSSS. A KING.
If a woman even TALKS about sex openly….she is shamed!
But if a man talks or RAPS freely about all the women (or more commonly used “bitches”/”hoes”…how lovely) he’s had…he is regaled.
If a woman is seen with a friend with a penis, there is an immediate assumption of romance or sex and she is labeled!!
IF a man is seen with a woman… his status is elevated / celebrated. “AWW SHIIIIT HE SMASHED!!!1!!1!”

As we previously reported, Grande and Big Sean split back in April — and we’re told a big part of the break up was that Sean referenced Grande’s vagina in a song … saying she has a “billion dollar p***y”

There were also rumors that Grande had rebounded with One Direction’s Niall Horan — but she told The Sun, “A girl can be friends with someone with a d**k and not hop on it.”


Source: TMZ
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