Are you feeling downcast? This woman telling her story to J Cole will motivate you.


U.S rapper J.Cole, had a very inspiring chat with a 52 year old mother and grand mother who works three jobs.
The woman narrates how she lost her 19-year-old son when his best friend shot him in the head while they tussled over a gun.

She also talked about losing her 14 year old daughter while trying to ward of their 13 year old neighbor who was trying to rape her. She died after being hit several times in the head causing trauma to her brain. 

What was most inspiring was when she said she has testimonies and she “got to keep moving.” 

The rapper described her as having a “beautiful spirit” and when he asked how she’s able to remain so positive, she responded by saying 

“Jesus is definitely the answer”

She is truly a beautiful soul and we can all learn a thing or two from her.

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