Amber Rose Naked On Cover Of Her Self-Help Book 'How To Be A Bad B**ch'



Amber Rose wants to empower women – and apparently that starts with taking their clothes off.

The model poses very nearly naked on the cover of her upcoming self-help book How To Be A Bad B**ch, due out in October.

The 31-year-old is pictured covered in gold body paint with a teeny tiny strip of gold bikini top and a strategically placed leg protecting her modesty.


Amber Rose is publishing a guide for women called ‘How To Be A Bad B**ch’ and she’s featured on the cover in gold body paint and pointing a bow and arrow 

Amber’s cover photo was shot by photographer David Chapelle and has her posing as a kind of classic hunter goddess from Greek or Roman mythology.

She’s posed pointing a gold bow and arrow skyward on seaside rocks next to a nude man felled by her arrows.

Her arm tattoos are clearly visible through the body paint and along with her new closely cropped platinum blonde hair, she has a gold neck collar and gold hooped earrings.


Amber, 31, shared this selfie on Instagram on Saturday showing her newly bleached eyebrows that now match her platinum cropped hair and some weird contact lenses


On April 3, the model released this first cover of her proposed self-help book and told fans she’s been giving tips on love, sex, social media, money and how to get everything they want out of life.

Amber’s book deal was announced earlier this year and on April 3, she explained to her fans that ‘Being a Bad B**ch is not being a “B**ch” at all.’

In an Instagram post alongside a first version of a possible cover for the book, the mom-of-one wrote: ‘I’m taking back that word and using it to empower instead of using it as a negative connotation.’

‘A Bad b**ch is sweet, confident, well rounded has her finances straight, knows what she wants and goes for it. Everyone that meets her loves her.’

She said the book will talk about the mistakes she has made in her life so other women can learn from them, and she promised to share ‘all the secrets about Love, Sex, Social Media and how to get everything u want out of life.’

Describing herself as ‘just a regular girl from Philly with a cool haircut,’ she said she used her wits and personality to get where she is today.

Source: Daily Mail
Image Credit: Amber Rose/Instagram/Twitter
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