Amazing Facts About Your Body You Probably Didn't Know



The human body is essentially a working machine that performs unbelievable things on a daily basis. Some of them might be very unbelievable but they happen right inside of us. A lot times we wonder about how our body functions and the science behind its functioning.

Here are some ten amazing facts about the human body you never might have known:

  1. There are about 60,000 miles of blood vessels running in the human body and that’s equivalent to going round the whole earth two and half times.
  2. The focusing muscles in our eyes do move around about 100,000 times a day. To give your leg muscles the same workout, you’d need to walk 50 miles, amazing right? That is why no matter how big you are, you can’t accumulate fat underneath the skins of our eyes.
  3. A single human sperm contains about 37.5mb of male DNA required to create a human child. That means an average ejaculation sees the transfer of 1,500 terabytes of information. I’ll bet you didn’t know that!
  4. At any moment, there are about 2.5 trillion red blood cells in your body. To maintain this number, about two and a half million new ones have to be produced every second by your bone marrow. That’s like a new population of the city of Lagos every 5 seconds. Simply amazing! Is it not?
  5. Brace yourself for the next one!  A sneeze generates a wind of 166 km/hr, and a cough moves out at 100 km/hr.
  6. An average person produces so much saliva in their life time that can fill up two Olympic sized swimming pools. Yea that is a lot of saliva.
  7. I know a lot of us would have heard this before but I will still bring it to you. The human ear and nose never stop growing. I guess you now know why it seems that old people tend to have big ears and noses.
  8. When we are awake and active, our brain generates so much electricity that power a small light bulb. Better not ask me how?
  9. In about half an hour, the human body has the capacity of producing so much heat that can help to boil a gallon of water.
  10. If you can imagine the human eye as a camera, it would have 536 megapixel. That is really amazing.

Stay healthy!!!

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