All still isn't well between Brymo and Chocolate City

All still isn’t well between Brymo and Chocolate City


Brymo just dropped his 5th studio album Kiltoris and so far it has garnered alot of positive reviews from critics and fans alike. But apparently not everybody is thrilled about the singer’snew level of  “Success.”

While on the Midday show today with Toolz, Brymo said without mincing words, “Choc city is still very mad at me I see the signs everywhere’, he said. ‘At the time I left, I had to make a choice, it was nothing personal”. via TheNetNG

 When asked if he tried to squash their issues he replied, “Many times I’ve tried as much as I could to find peace with them but it’s been impossible. It was an issue of two people with a contract and one party doesn’t honour it and when you ask they say we are friends. Then when it’s your turn, they remind you of the contract and when you try to get angry, they say we are family“.

Well then. They might have parted ways, but it’s not looking like Brymo and anyone from Chocolate City executive board will be having tea and biscuits together anytime soon.

If Brymo had stayed back in Chocolate City, would he have been able to  release the pedigree of music he’s been releasing in the last couple of years, bearing in mind of how Nigerian Record labels place emphasis on the ‘commercialism’ factor? Tell us what you think.

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