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AreaaBoyz, which comprises of Lasgidi, Jibbz and Mulla are an independent afrobeats recording group based in NY, the United States of America. “We are all of Nigerian and Yoruba origin which we use a lot in our music.”

Talking about their music, they say, “We make different types of music but we are more specifically into afrobeats. Music has always been a part of each one of our lives. Far as we can remember, our Parents coincidentally are also big fans of African Music from Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti to Bob Marley And Stevie Wonder, so music has always played a big role in our lives coming up. We met each other in school 3 years ago and we found out we each had a passion for music, We started off free styling together then those turned into actual songs. But we always knew how serious we wanted to take it so we were quick to get into studios.

“Right now we have songs uploaded on major streaming platforms and a couple of videos just search “Areaaboyz” on any of those platforms. We also dropped a mixtape a few months ago called “ARTFRICA TO THE WORLD.” We had a lot of positive reviews, lots of downloads and streams! We just want to keep pushing and making music for the World while representing Africa.”

According to them, they have a lot of inspiration, ranging from reading to conversing with each other. “We also listen to a lot of music – different genres. It is almost like our brain’s library has a lot of music stored in it.

“We are very much conscious of the everyday struggle and hustle of the common man, this also inspires our art. We try to make sure we have a positive view on life also so in return we’re able to make better music.”

Connect with them via

Instagram, Twitter & Facebook: @AreaaBoyz. “Our pages are highly interactive and our fans and new listeners can always get updates on new music, videos or merchandise releases.”

“We use ITunes, Spotify and YouTube for our releases but those who aren’t able to get that can listen to our music via



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