Visual Illustration by Anakhuagbor


Anakhuagbor Sule popularly known as Nak is a creative coordinator and visual illustrator, passionate about addressing social issues with art.  His works are explosions of colour often focused on issues bordering mental illness, religion, struggles of Boko Haram survivors in  North-East Nigeria as well as the ”normal things in life”.

”I hope one day my work would cause a social change and improve the world for the better.” he said during a quick chat with The Spark.

Have a look at some of his creations below:


ADAMU This piece shows the inward struggle of a northern Nigerian child, who is a victim of his own environment. Despite being the lone survivor of his village, losing one arm, living in an internally displaced settlement, forced to toughen up and be his own man in a strange world, he wants to be at peace, play and be innocent but he is no longer a child. He is often reminded of happy times and prays for a resurgence of the child he once was. We are all ADAMU.


COLOUR AND LIGHTAccording to him this piece is a wake up call to all those who are quietly dealing with depression. It may seem simple but just like the picture. its way more deadly as it consumes you. Cry out, get help!!!


HANDThis is a study of hands together in prayer. I was exploring and looking into the emotions of prayer and the little things we don’t notice.



SET SAILThis is a piece I used to explore light and it’s reflexes on water surface.


CHALLENGEWhen I saw the movie Moana, I was intrigued by the uniqueness of the character and the lighting of the scene


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