Abstract Art by Adesosa


Oluwaseun S. Akinlo, also known as Adesosa, is a young Nigerian artist.

The final year student of Fine and Applied Art at LAUTECH, Ogbomoso uses art as a form of expressing the bridge between man and his societal surrounding; it could be mystical, metaphysical, philosophical and surrealistic state of the mind.

“At first, I never had interest in becoming an artist but a medical practitioner. Later on, along the way, I began to understand the value of art and how art can be used to touch lives in different dimension such as Art therapy.”

“Right now, I am on a venture of allowing people see how much art can be contagious, and not necessarily as a situational or purposeful artist – which people are due to their inconsistency in their desire to be artists. Art is like a beat that when heard, appeals to you and awaken the light of life in you to move with it. So, yes, it is contagious. This has being my major source of inspiration.”


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Connect with him via

Telephone: +2348130398543, +2348071380348

WhatsApp: +2348130398543

Facebook: Akinlo Oluwaseun Solomon

Instagram: Adesosa_mind

Twitter: Adesosa1993


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