8 Categories Of Occupation People Do That Brings Forth Insult From The Society

OurOwnArea-April-2014People work to avert hunger, poverty and strife towards survival despite the high rate of unemployment. Our nation is a place where all sorts of discrimination is our culture (jobs, institutions, course of study and many more).

However, discrimination has even gone worst to the extent that people ridicule, bully and insult other people by their jobs just to boost their ego and bring other people down

Below we shall discuss them.

1. Police Force

When we talk about corruption in Nigeria, the first thing that comes to people’s mind is that corruption originates from the Police force. Sometimes, you will even hear women saying they can’t marry policemen because of the prejudice and trust issues that go with the job.


The way people rain curses on NEPA officials for the epileptic power supply in Nigeria is grievous. People are always quick to talk bad about them and I have witnessed a scene where students thrashed NEPA officials for disconnecting their wires from the pole.

3. Road safety/VIO/LASMA corps

The above-mentioned jobs also bring forth humiliation. Even when these people stop you to check your car documents, you will always have an impression that all they need is money. In some cases, you will see people bringing out money from their pockets immediately they are stopped even before hearing what these officials have to say.

4. Conductor (Agbero)

These people are always seen as local. The amount of insults laid on them cannot be over-emphasized especially in Lagos.

When a conductor fails to give his passengers change on time, insults follow suite. Agberos are not exempted from this.

I’m yet to see an educated young lady taking an Agbero to her home, introducing him as her fiance. (only if he’s extremely rich). Tosyne2much, naijaboiy, kinglekan, kingtom, peeparty, etc who live in Lagos can bear me witness

5. Mobile Customer Care Agents

When telecom operators like MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and AIRTEL deducts as low as N2 from some customers’ accounts, they will call the customer care line and curse the agents on small god’s names like sango, obatala, etc.

6. Prostitution

Circumstances have led young ladies into prostitution that they use it as their source of income for survival. They are always being ridiculed and mouth-thrashed without any consideration for what might have led them into it.

7. Mechanic and transporters

Few months ago, I boarded a bus from Ibadan to Lagos as It developed a fault in the course of the journey.

See the insults and bashing rolling from every angle towards the driver. The driver further reign curse on tajudeen, his mechanic.

8. Lecturing

Lecturers are small gods in Nigerian institutions, but they are also being ridiculed by students.

Students don’t have the effrontery to ridicule lectures in their presence but when they go behind them, they ridicule them, and in some cases, some plan on how to deal with them especially when it comes to the issues of results (carry over).

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