75 Yr-Old Man Commits Incest In Jos, Blames Daughter For Seductive Actions


Mr Umoru Choji, who resides in Bukuru, Jos South LGA, blamed the young girls in seducing him.

“It was these girls that put me into this trouble. They were the ones who always come to me and they arose my interest in sex. I didn’t even know when I started having sex with them,” he said.

Moreover, he said the young girls reported him to the police after he prohibited them coming to his house.

75-Year-Old Man Arrested For Sleeping With Granddaughter

He said: “I am married, and my wife is still alive. These girls were the ones that lured me into the act. It was not my intention. I know I had sex with them many times, but I stopped them from coming to me. So, they went and lie against me, and the parents of the other girls reported me to the police.”

“I feel bad, I did not know they will tell people what we were doing. The children deceived me and they went and report me to their parents,” he added.

Nasiru Oki, the police commissioner, said “one of the grand daughter is just 11 years old, while the second daughter is 14-year old”.

“The suspect, who is already in police net, will be charged to court as soon as all the processes are completed,” he said.

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