Over 70 Ghanaians Deported From the United States


Over 70 Ghanaian immigrants were deported from the United States on Wednesday for overstaying their permits.

The all-male deportees arrived a chartered Delta Airline Flight at Accra’s Kotoka International Airport in handcuffs before they were handed over to local authorities, 3News reports.

The exact number of immigrants is uncertain and most of them were said to have no belongings with them.

They were screened by the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), the Ghana Immigration Service and the Ghana Police Service and were reported to have been given 100 Ghana Cedis ($23) each after clearance as some of them had no means to contact their families.

Although they admitted going to the US illegally, they claim they handed themselves to authorities on arrival but as refugees.

According to some of them, they were handcuffed and sent to prison for eighteen months. Others claim they were arrested on the streets of US and sent to prison without any charges, and while there, they were served with food meant for dogs and pigs.

This is the second mass deportation of Ghanaians from the United States in recent times.

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