7 Things You Do That Makes Olivia Achieve More Than You Do



What do you think makes Olivia smarter? Is it the abundance of facts that she can memorize? or is it the above average, or exceptional, IQ? Maybe it is the wisdom to make a sound decision at the crucial moment, or knowing how to make the best out of the bad situation. Truth is, it is had to tell. Indeed what you can tell is what you do that she doesn’t and if you stop doing those things the rest will come naturally.

You heavily rely on others

‘Do I’? you might be asking yourself, well there’s nothing wrong with having friends, family members or co-workers you can trust and rely on. Everyone needs those. Heavily relying on someone, however, only portrays you as powerless. Olivia never indulges in such a commodity. When you are in need of assistance, you don’t pay close attention to see if your problem was truly difficult. In a great number of cases, it is your fear and insecurity that prevent you from acting. most times you think, “What if I only make things worse?” The thought is perfectly justified. The unwillingness to overcome such a fear, on the other hand, isn’t and that’s why Olivia is smarter than you.

You dwell on your errors

You put in time and effort into your work only to find out your boss or parents aren’t impressed It can feel humiliating and really unpleasant, however, it happens, whether you like it or not. When your work is rejected, start over again from scratch. But no you dwell on errors and try to patch up your work, in an attempt to prove your vision and not Olivia’s was brilliant. Olivia doesn’t ct that way, she takes corrections and start her work from scratch.

You make your past hold you back

You must realise your past is passed memories notwithstanding. Olivia knows this and that’s why she never allow it to interfere with her future achievements. Past experiences shape who we are today, and our previous struggles can build a strong character, but you tend to use your past to justify your mistakes or behaviour. If you acknowledge your flaws but refuse to do something about them just because you have an excuse, then you have chosen an easy way out, and that’s not what Olivia does.

You depend too much on ‘good luck’

It is good to anticipate the best, but you must also be prepared for the worst. This is not asking you to be pessimistic or any less optimistic, but you hope for the best and forget to prepare for the worst and that’s why you are torn apart when things don’t go the way you expect them to. You depend on luck too much, but Olivia would never permit luck to take glory for all her hard work.

You give up on your ideas because other people don’t agree with them

It is a good thing to know when to give up and start anew, but you give up too easily and too often to the extent that your ideas hardly ever become a reality. A wise man once said: “the only one permitted to criticise you and you accept, is the man who has done twice what you are trying to do once” – (Late Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa). There is always a possibility that someone is intimidated by your expertise; thus that person wants to hinder your development. If you want to publish or launch something, look for more than one opinion. Even if the first one is flattering, look for more, that’s what Olivia does.

You lose the opportunity to broaden your experience

Don’t be deceived no one is perfect. However, making ongoing endeavors towards progression in various areas is indeed what makes Olivia achieve more than you do. take a cue from science, it is constantly expanding our understanding of the world; it keeps testing theories and comes up with new ones. Even old or proven findings are never left alone, they are re-examined, redefined, and updated. They are constantly after progress, investigating what is most likely the truth, not what they want to believe the truth is. That is Olivia described in few words, do you these things?

You waste the potentials of your gadgets

So you have a blackberry passport, an ipad, a laptop and an almost constant internet and you don’t find solutions to compensate for your shortcomings? olivia uses her gadgets to the fullest always learning something new via the internet. There tonnes of apps on your various device stores that can help you get things done smarter and faster but hardly do more than social and photo media.

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