Scam Alert: 6 Warning Signs When Applying For A Job


With so many unemployed people out there looking for job, it is only expected that some greedy elements will take advantage of the situation to defraud unsuspecting job seekers.

There are so many job frauds out there and here are 6 signs to watch out for:

No experience necessary.
These days even a budding college graduate will need some kind of experience to get his first job. If an ad states no experience is necessary, be sure to enquire why this is the case.

Receiving emails from a non-business address.
Legitimate businesses will have their name at the end of their email address. If a job ad lists a personal email account ending in Hotmail, Gmail or any other email address that doesn’t include the business name; it could be scammers… so be vigilant.

Asked to do an IM interview
While, it’s not uncommon to conduct an interview via telephone or Skype, if an interviewer is fine with an interview being conducted via IM, SMS or email you may be dealing with scammers.

Job ad is written poorly.
To recruiters a well presented CV says a lot about potential candidates. This is why an ad from a legitimate company will also be well presented. If a job contains typo’s and grammatical errors or the description of the job does not make sense… chances are the recruiter of that job is a scammer.

You have to pay for the job.
You shouldn’t have to pay for a job. If you’re told you are covering the cost of your training, alarm bells should immediately go off; because you’re paid a salary for working for the company, not the other way around.

More job ad warning signs to be on the lookout for:

  • Job ad’s listing a suspicious email address.
  • Not asking for or even mentioning an interview.
  • Asking for funds upfront.
  • Asking for photos of you. (You shouldn’t have to provide any.)
  • Suspicious website URL, which isn’t related to the business name.
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