Steps to Proper Decision Making


In the day-to-day hustle we face individually, making decisions and making the right ones can be a tricky piece of business if we don’t apply rational principles along the way. Most times, we learn about making the right decisions from the experiences gathered due to making wrong decisions, either the one we made, or someone else’s.

Making the right decision each time is never a guarantee, it is largely dependent on knowledge of best decision making patterns, but also sometimes a bit of luck is required. But now let’s the key steps to knowing the right decision to make each time:

1. Identify your Target/Aim
This refers to knowing what the purpose of your next action is, what you aim to achieve. Knowing this will be the first step to getting to your goal. Taking a decision without knowing the reason or what you plan to achieve can be the sure pointer to a failed task.

2. Do proper research about your options
Check for all available information about the options you have in the decision making process, and check to see if other alternatives exist, possibly cheaper, easier alternatives. Outline all your options and ensure none is left out, before making a decision.

3. Make projections about the Outcome
The next step after considering your decision options is to consider/make projections concerning the possible consequences of those decisions. You must weigh the effects of each decision on the future, and correlate it with your goals, some consequences may be too disastrous to consider therefore making their preceding decision worthless to you.

4. Make the Decision
At this point you already have a clear view of which decision or set of decisions will serve you best. Now you need to go ahead and make one, and it must be made only after meeting the requirements of numbers 1-3. Ensure you feel confident about your final choice, let it be the one that appeals to you the most; when this is done, sit back and watch the events that follow.

5. Evaluate the Effects of your Decision
At this point, you have already made a decision and you may just be wondering ‘what if I was wrong?’, well, the only way to find out is to evaluate your decision. This step is very important as it helps develop your decision making skills further, considering the fact that the outcome of your decisions may not be seen for a while.

Evaluating the decision making process from start to finish can aid you in doing checks and re-checks. Sometimes the decision made may be found out as the wrong decision after this evaluation process (we are all human), and quick steps can be taken to cushion any perceived negative effects.

6. Never be Over-Confident
In every decision making process the trick is to not feel over-confident about your ability to make the right choice. The option you decide to take will require some monitoring, so never assume you are right till its all over and your goal is achieved.

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