6 Amazing Tips for A Great Relationship



It’s admirable when you see relationships and married couples who have been together for a really long time. You may wonder how they’ve managed to keep it together, considering the many challenges and break ups being faced by people in relationships today. Well, here are a few tips that can help you achieve a beautiful stronger relationship.

1.Understand people make mistakes

Successful couples realise that their partners aren’t perfect beings therefore it’s expected that they make mistakes, but when these mistakes happen, do not victimise or trade blame; just know the other person didn’t do it on purpose because they wouldn’t intentionally do anything to hurt the relationship.

2. Disagreement is healthy

Even in the best relationships and marriages, couples don’t always agree on everything and this is healthy because disagreements help you learn more about each other and resolve differences. Disagreements don’t have to become fights and to  avoid this, the use of abusive language should be kept at bay. Don’t share blames rather talk about it and meet a compromise.

3. Focus on each other’s strengths

Instead of focusing on your partner’s weaknesses, accentuate their strengths and help them balance out their weaknesses. That’s why you are a couple, to compliment each other, thereby making each other and your relationship stronger.

4. Communication

The importance of communication cannot be over emphasised in any relationship. It’s the one thing that keeps any relationship strong. Most often arguments start because there has been some form of miscommunication or non at all. Communication is the back bone of any relationship or marriage and more communication is always better.

5. Protect and stand up for each other

Couples must realise that keeping out external influences from their relationship is key. A stereotypical example is the meddling relative  or friend who takes the husband/wife aside and tears down the other. These attacks can be a strain on your relationship and family unit if you allow them infiltrate your relationship by not putting an end to it there and then and demanding your relationship and partner is given the respect they deserve.

6. Live your own lives

Successful couples don’t live their lives evolving around their partner’s, they have lives of their own outside of the relationship. They aren’t incomplete or helpless without their partners.  No happy person is in that kind of situation, rather the relationship is it’s built on mutual respect and trust, or sooner or later, the other person feels suffocated by the neediness of their partner and the relationship ends. Having other interest that take up your time is advised.

Source: happenings9ja.com

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