Boys Wear Skirt to School in U.K in Protest of ‘No Shorts’ School Policy


Due to massive heatwave that has engulfed the UK this summer, boys of Isca Academy in Exeter are wearing skirts to school to protest against their headteacher for not permitting them to wear shorts.

The students had approached their headteacher to complain about the heat, asking if they could be allowed to wear shorts as the weather was much too hot for trousers.

School policy, however, dictates for trousers to be strictly adhered to, but the headteacher had quipped “Well, you can wear a skirt if you like,” and the students decided to take up the challenge. A number of boys showed up the following day (Wednesday) in skirts.

The temperature in the UK is a sweltering 30C this week, melting roads in some parts of the country.


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